A little bit of who I am.

Emma Kelly Desert Daisy Jewelry

Photo Credit to the lovely Heather Taylor who somehow is the only photographer I trust to take pictures of me.

A Crystal Enthusiast with a Gypsy Soul

I come from a family of creatives, growing up on a family farm where my parents used their talents to make sure we never noticed the lack of material possessions.

I rebelled a bit against my artsy upbringing and found myself in a scientific job behind a desk, Astrophysics. Interesting as a subject, but I never really fit in, I was always searching. Following my heart has led me on a winding path to where I am now, creating accessories that highlight the natural, raw beauty in the world.

I find myself inspired by the unique energy of each stone, and sometimes when inspiration lags, a good old fashioned desert hike is all I need to get back into design.

I am also fascinated by the metaphysical studies that surround crystals. The place they have held in many cultures over the course of history shows their pull on our collective psyche, and the majesty of a stone that has been part of the earth for millions of years before becoming part of the jewelry I make is what inspires me the most.

Our History

Established in 2014, the brand is now multi-channel, selling online and in select stores throughout the country. All items are handmade with care and intent in my studio in Las Vegas, NV.

For information about Wholesale orders or carrying Desert Daisy Jewelry in your stores, please email desertdaisyjewelry@gmail.com.


• Betty's Divine (Missoula, MT)
• D'annata Boutique (Las Vegas, NV)
• Fashion and Fairytales Boutique (Henderson, NV)
• Gypsy05 (Malibu, Hollywood)
• Harlow (Whitefish, MT)
• MarkieChar (Las Vegas, NV)
• Montana Spa and Salon (Kalispell, MT)
• MoonShadow (Encinitas, CA)
• Saffron (Royal Oak, MI)
• The Label (Nashville)
• The Village Shop (Whitefish, MT)
• West Elm (Henderson, NV)