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Where has 2018 gone?

This year has been a whirlwind. One of the things I learned in retail is the natural peaks and valleys of sales allows for lots of downtime after Holiday.

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Let Your Jewelry Come to Life…

Talking about my Holiday collection with my friends and family this year has been so exciting, I am excited to share it with all of you. The last collection of each year is always fun and over the top,

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The Story Behind the Dark and Smokey Collection

Every collection I design is an extension of what thoughts are swirling through my head at the moment. Sometimes I am conscious of what is driving the design process at the moment,

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Why everyone should love copper jewelry

Recently, I was talking with one of my favorite photographers about why I work in copper jewelry, and it occurred to me that not everyone knows how cool this metal really is!

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BTS of our Roadtrip Photoshoot

This January I was excited to plan a collaborative photoshoot with McKenzi Taylor of Taylored Photo Memories. She and I had met right before Christmas at a show and were inspired to do a lifestyle shoot during a typically quiet time for both of us.

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Behind the Scenes of the Holiday 2016 Photoshoot

I wanted to share a little of the magic behind the amazing photos from Kate Alison Photography that are now up on my website. What started out as a fun collaboration idea I couldn’t get out of my head,

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Decoding my recent obsession with triangles

If you have been following my most recent designs, you may have noticed how prevalent triangles in all forms have become in my work. While I initially just wrote it off as just a design element that I was being drawn to,

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BTS Fall 2016 Photoshoot…

When it is 109 degrees in Vegas and you are ready to shoot your fall collection, it helps to have some amazing friends to call on to make magic happen despite the heat.

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A New Way to Shop

June is such an exciting month for me as a small business owner. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of jumping into this crazy path as my full time commitment.

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Hello June…

For anyone who knows my personal journey, this year so far has been a roller coaster ride. So many wonderful things happening, but also a few major upheavals and changes.

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2016 Here we come

Last week I spent a day looking at what 2015 brought me in the way of successes and adventures, this week I’m using those reflections to set goals for the upcoming year.

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A year in review…

I know I am a bit behind the curve on new years reflections, but I am finally having a moment to sit and think about what life-changing events have filled this year.

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Holiday Season Is Here

This will be my first Holiday season not working in retail for as long as I can remember (at least 15 years). The other day when I realized it was already November,

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Vegas Nights

This past Saturday I had a great opportunity to be part of the Chopper Con event at Backstage Bar and Billiards, hosted by Douche LaRouche and celebrating their 10 years.

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Big Skies / Big Dreams

One of my reasons for wanting to make the move to this career is my desire to see the world. I love to travel. The anticipation of new adventures, the chance to meet people outside my circle,

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And So It Begins….

This is a new venture for me, my own business, my own website, my own blog. I am overwhelmed by the crazy decision I made to leave a steady career I have loved for over 15 years and venture off into design.

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