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Leaves are changing…

This past week I took a week off from jewelry making. Coming off all the travelling and hustling to make shows and orders come together this past month, I was more than ready to relax and enjoy the cozy calm of October in New England. I packed up my bags and headed back home to see my family. Now, packing is always a fun project for me; for years, I have always taken a slightly odd approach to filling my suitcase (but totally normal if you consider the world of Fashion I love to live in).

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Vegas Nights

This past Saturday I had a great opportunity to be part of the Chopper Con event at Backstage Bar and Billiards, hosted by Douche LaRouche and celebrating their 10 years. While this may not seem like the place an aspiring jewelry designer would be found, I was happy to be there. I have had incredible support in the local bike and tattoo scene here in Vegas. I love seeing my work styled in such a raw and rad way.

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Big Skies / Big Dreams

One of my reasons for wanting to make the move to this career is my desire to see the world. I love to travel. The anticipation of new adventures, the chance to meet people outside my circle, the cultural differences that help me expand myself and the knowledge and inspiration I gather on each trip are all strong motivators for me.

So I was thrilled to head up to the gorgeous Whitefish, Montana this week and tackle quite a few items on that list.

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Out Of My Comfort Zone

By now, I have launched my new Fall collection which focuses heavily on copper and leather. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate crystals with the tough leather. At first, I was nervous about creating a cohesive set of jewels, so far I have been making when inspiration hits and not thinking about full lines. But this design just flowed from me, I felt I could see the end result and was so thrilled with being able to put it together.

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And So It Begins….

This is a new venture for me, my own business, my own website, my own blog. I am overwhelmed by the crazy decision I made to leave a steady career I have loved for over 15 years and venture off into design. I don’t know what will come, but I am excited to find out. I invite you on my journey with me as I navigate the changeable waters of fashion, jewelry design, marketing, production and all the joys that come from being in a small business. 

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Meet Emma

Emma Kelly Desert Daisy Jewelry

Owner and Designer of Desert Daisy Jewelry. Crystal enthusiast. Wanderer. Gypsy soul.

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