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Client Convo… Shantel Rose

May 29, 2017 | 


I am thrilled to bring you a new feature on the blog, Client Convos. Ask anyone what my favorite part of my job is and they will tell you it is the custom designs I create for my loyal clients. The process of designing a unique piece with a specific individual in mind is so therapeutic and strengthens my skills as an artist. I have shared a few of those projects on the blog before, but I wanted to create a way to share a bit more. I messaged a few of my previous customers and asked if they would share a bit of their experience with custom orders, give you an idea of what you can expect when reaching out to me with a design in mind. The first story I want to share with you is from Shantel, a new client of mine who I had the pleasure of designing for in April. Below is her email to me, and honestly it made me tear up a little to read such kind words. I hope you enjoy, and if you would like to submit for future client convo features, please email me at

My name is Shantel Rose; I am originally from Reno, NV but moved to Vegas about 9 years ago. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration and have one beautiful daughter who is 3 years of age.

Img 1664 Orig.png

I was referred to Desert Daisy Jewelry by a friend, Amanda P. I currently work with her & one of her pieces caught my eye. This went on for MONTHS. She had a new piece every couple weeks. These beautiful crystal chokers varying in size, crystal types, materials, just incredible works of art. I finally asked her where she was getting these, and she told me about her amazing friend Emma and her business DDJ. She provided me her Instagram page, and shamelessly – the stalking began. I kept watching the release of her new pieces and kept saying “I have to get one…I’m going to get one”

What really inspired me was the art of the pieces, the geometric shapes, the unique pieces, unique crystals, and even the photography.  I could tell a lot of work went into the whole aspect of DDJ. I have NEVER seen anything like it.

I finally worked up the nerve to message Emma/DDJ directly to ask about a piece I saw. Unfortunately, it was sold out. This actually was the BEST thing that could have happened. This was a Segway to getting my own customized piece. Emma was so quick to respond with photos of the type of crystal I was interested in. She is so kind and open to your ideas. I was able to choose my favorite one, and she gave me free range into the designing aspect. This was amazing, I trusted her with her vision and wanted what she saw this piece could become.


As of now, I have one piece of DDJ but intend on doing another custom piece. I can wear my current piece with almost everything, between the Quartz and the black leather necklace; it fits with most items I wear. I like to wear my piece with all black wardrobes so it’s the centerpiece; I get so many compliments- or all light colors.

I have and will continue to recommend DDJ to friends, the quality of work and the stunning pieces…how could I not?

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Emma Kelly Desert Daisy Jewelry

Owner and Designer of Desert Daisy Jewelry. Crystal enthusiast. Wanderer. Gypsy soul.

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