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Out Of My Comfort Zone


By now, I have launched my new Fall collection which focuses heavily on copper and leather. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate crystals with the tough leather. At first, I was nervous about creating a cohesive set of jewels, so far I have been making when inspiration hits and not thinking about full lines. But this design just flowed from me, I felt I could see the end result and was so thrilled with being able to put it together. It was amazing how easy it was creatively.

But then I faced a new challenge. One I am thrilled to have been offered, but way outside my comfort zone. I was offered a chance to have my designs sold in Nashville, at The Label. Knowing how much I want to expand into that market, I jumped at the chance! For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Label, it is a men’s (and some woman’s) boutique owned by Gary Allen. This means I would be adapting my fall styles for men.

I knew I wanted to keep the leather and copper vibe; it is so strong a statement for me at this time. So I started to feel out how to make my looks a little more dark, weighty, masculine and strong, all the while staying true to my vision. I searched out stones like Smokey Quartz, Kyanite and Jasper. I sourced chains and clasps with a less delicate feel and dug in.


At first, I was frustrated. My fall collection for women had been so seamless. Sure, there were some learning curves as I tried out new techniques, but I never felt like I couldn’t see where it was going. But the two stones above changed my luck, as they were electroformed, oxidized, polished and sealed, things started to come together. 

Once I had confidence, the collection started to roll. I think the bracelets above might be my favorites; they have the same edgy vibe that my women’s wraps do, but with some different hardware and chains they just seemed to be made for men. I say these are my favorites, but I invite you to take a look at the whole collection below. The guitar pic dipped in copper has such a fun vibe, the Kyanite fan is just so dramatic, and I will always be partial to the arrowheads.


Overall, as I sit and package this order up to send off, I am so happy I stuck with it. I had a lot of designs that didn’t work. So what? I have a lot that did. I choose to focus on that win and remind myself that I will only grow as an artist and a person if I keep trying new things and keep making mistakes. As I learn, those mistakes will hopefully not happen twice (although I’m sure I’ll make some new ones). I am filled with questions; will men wear these pieces? will women? Is this new venture going to work out? You know, I won’t know unless I try… so try I will!

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