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As we near the Holiday season, I thought I would share with you my favorite part to my job. Creating one of a kind pieces that are made from customer’s own stones. Custom orders are always more challenging for many reasons; each one requires a meeting with the client to decide basic design specifications, then extra precautionary measures to protect their item they are asking me to work with, and a whisper of hope that they will be happy with my final designs. Despite the added stress, there is nothing I enjoy more. The meaning behind the design is almost always fascinating to me, and I strive to make sure I do the work justice in the final execution stages.

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The design shown here was a cool one. A local client had this heart-shaped piece of sandstone in her possession and she wanted a way to showcase the 3 separate hearts on this rock. When we first met, she kept saying that it was nothing special, but just a few minutes with her and I could tell that it was VERY special. Just because there is no traditional value to a stone, doesn’t mean it holds no value in the eye of the beholder. I wanted to take what she felt in holding this rock and show it off to the world. We decided on a simple hoop design that left the front heart bare, the back heart covered in copper, and the third little heart on the side encrusted in garnets.

Not every custom design is so intricate, but they all make me happy. They push me as a designer and open my mind to new directions my work can go. I often tell customers to drop me a line if they want something they do not see on my website. Below are three examples of items that were inspired by previous designs of mine, but went into a different direction.

The first was created for a client who was headed to Joshua Tree for a sound bath for her birthday. So cool, right? We wanted to have the quartz for amplification, moonstone for intuition and a little magic. After that we decided to darken the copper so we could use a sterling chain to complete it.

The third picture is a custom designed for a photographer friend of mine. She is the one who shot the beautiful Holiday Ice Princess photos, and I wanted to design something from that collection, but something more her style. I used an off center triangle, smaller amethyst points and made the metal work more delicate, but darker than usual. I personally love how it turned out, and may be adding something like this to the collection.

The middle pic is not a custom, but it was the inspiration for the design below. This client had wanted to set her twin crystal amethyst into something changeable and versatile like the caged druzy design she had seen on my instagram. The beauty of this caged design is that with a little adjusting of the chain, you can wear it four different ways.


The ring below was another fun one to set. This was a customer’s own quartz point with these stunning black inclusions in it. We wanted to create a giant banded ring that protected the crystal but also showed it off.


This last one is a small sliver of quartz that was found locally. It was so smooth in shape I wanted to up the texture of the copper and love the way it turned out.


All of the above designs are just a few of the many I have been lucky enough to make for my clients. I would be happy to make one for you, just send me an email, or a message through Instagram and we can start the process. Just a reminder as well, I am only accepting customs (for Christmas delivery) through Nov 30th. After that, I will be reopening customs come January of next year.


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