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Why everyone should love copper jewelry


Recently, I was talking with one of my favorite photographers about why I work in copper jewelry, and it occurred to me that not everyone knows how cool this metal really is! So, for this week on the blog, I wanted to dedicate some love to my favorite material and hope you get a chance to appreciate what copper offers you a bit more (and if you are already a fan, I would love to know what draws you to copper in the comments below).


I want to start with the aesthetics because let’s be honest, the first thing you notice about jewelry is how it looks.

Raw copper is gorgeous and displays a warmth that is unmatched by other metals to me. But, once you start to treat copper, the patina opportunities are endless. You can get gorgeous blues, dark textural browns, or oil slick rainbows just by applying salt and vinegar, liver of sulfur, or a torch respectively.

There is also something lovely with the way copper changes over time. Most of my jewelry I leave unsealed, and it will, therefore, react to its environment and age differently over time.

Now, if you want to clean your copper back to that original raw shiny glory, it is so easy. You don’t need chemicals to clean copper, my favorite method is lemon juice and salt, and the details can be found in this previous blog post if you like.

The other cool thing about copper is that you can set raw crystals directly in copper without the use of heat. This protects the stone and makes every piece I create different from the others. You can also work in copper without the use of harmful metals like nickel, which so many plated silver and gold pieces require. I love the idea that there is nothing harmful in the jewelry.

In addition to the lack of toxic metals in copper jewelry, there are actually benefits to wearing copper jewelry. Because copper is a micronutrient, it can be absorbed into the body just by wearing it. For years, people have trusted copper to help with things like arthritis and inflammation. The body relies on copper for circulatory, nervous system, and bone and joint health. It is especially good for thyroid function. We only need a small amount, and so copper supplements are often more than we need and can be hard to metabolize. Wearing copper jewelry allows for small amounts to be absorbed through the skin and support all these essential functions.


Lastly, copper has a long cultural history. It has been used in totems and healing jewelry for years and by many cultures. There are a number of holistic and spiritual properties associated with the metal. Ayurvedic medicine recommends copper for balancing the doshas within the body, and for purifying drinking water. Ancient Greece considered copper the metal of the god Hermes, who facilitates quick wit and mental agility.

Many spiritual beliefs center around copper as a conductor of spiritual energy, whether it is between people, crystals, or the mind and the spirit world. Some people believe that copper has the ability to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communication. It has the capability to ground and transfer vibrational frequencies and supports healing by keeping the pathways for healing open. My personal favorite is the idea that copper has the ability to free the wearer of mental burdens.

If copper does even half the amazing things cultures have connected it with over the years, I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want to wear copper daily.

And as a random fact that just makes me happy for some reason, the Statue of Liberty is made from copper. Now you know 😉


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