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Holiday 2017

November 1, 2017 | 

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We’ve all had it, that moment of fear walking into a place we feel we don’t fit in. That moment of doubt, of worry that you aren’t fashionable enough, witty enough, smart enough… or just plain enough, enough. Holiday 2017 is all about being confident in your skin, knowing that you are enough. Please check out my last blog post detailing the inspiration behind the collection, I won’t repeat all the details here. To summarize, the concept for this shoot was a modern day party at an English manor home where the girls in the portraits come to life and join in. Dressed in outdated fashion and restrictive hairstyles, they are a classic case of not fitting in. Letting go of that fear, and the restrictive fashion trends, they join the party and have the time of their lives.

A bit fanciful, yes, but it encompasses that fear in such a beautiful way. Over the years, the most fun I have had is when I let go of what I think the world wants me to be, and I am myself in my truest form. My jewelry is an extension of this, I create from my soul, and everytime I launch a new collection, I feel the anxiety of will it be good enough. I am learning to let that feeling go, to embrace the fear as motivation but nothing else. I want to thank all of you for helping me learn this lesson through my art, it is the best gift I could be given.

Normally a post launching a new collection would be all about the jewels, and I had to include a few close up shots above. But for me, this collection is about how you feel when you wear the jewelry more than how the jewelry looks on you. This collection isn’t available yet, it will launch Nov 10th online, and for my Las Vegas friends, there will be a preview launch party Nov 9th, from 6-9pm, at Sister House Collective downtown.

Special thanks to Heather of TaylorMade Photography for the amazing light room montage pics above. If you haven’t been to Corduroy and found this little gem of a room, please make time for it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

A quick shoutout here to the team that made this all possible. The location for filming was Corduroy downtown on Fremont St, and vintage props were supplied by Nostalgia Resources. Shayanne of BleuMoon Bakery made the most amazing vegan cupcakes and cakes, while the photography was Jamie Y Photography, assisted by TaylorMade Photography. Models are Jenni Anderson, Makenna Gott, Janelle Johngrass, and my gorgeous sister, Lindsey Roberts. Hair for all four models was done by Kate Eissinger, and makeup by Tanya Evans.

May you all approach this Holiday season letting your best self shine: You are enough.


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