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Irene: Fall 2018

September 13, 2018 | 

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For Sherlock fans, Irene Adler is no stranger. But for those of you who may not have come across this literary muse of mine, let me introduce you to her.

“At a time when ladies were supposed to be ladies, Adler had the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Appearing in just a single Sherlock book, Irene has captured the minds and hearts of readers as the only person to best Sherlock at his own game. But more importantly, she was a strong, independent woman way ahead of her time.

Many adaptations of the story have fleshed her history out differently. There is controversy as to who may have had her right, but that only makes her more intriquing and appealing to me. When I started planning for this fall collection, I was inspired by the shapes and textures that make up Fall fashion, and as I dove into the trends we are about to see, I was transported to foggy, London streets and damp mysterious nights. Almost immediately, Irene came to mind.

I wanted to bring her to life in this photoshoot. Give her a modern twist, but keep all the stop you in your tracks qualities that she possesses in the novel. She is the ideal woman to Sherlock, and bewitches every man she meets. But she does this with her wit and cunning as well as her beauty. She is in control of her destiny, lives her life outside of societies conventions (and in the late 1800’s, this is a rare feat indeed). She captures your attention whether on stage in the Opera house, or simply walking down the street. 

Taylor Made Photography Desert Daisy Jewelry Fall 2018 8301 Orig

We shot the collection over the course of two days. 3 amazingly talented photographers, 2 hair and makeup gurus, one versatile dress designer, and the incomparable Amanda Kraft (our model) helped bring Irene to life.

Complicated, smart, seasoned… Irene compels your attention. Her smile is haunting, you want to know what she is thinking, but she is always just out of reach. One step ahead, she leads a life of mystery and beauty.

Taylor Made Photography Desert Daisy Jewelry Fall 2018 8744 Orig

She invites us into her world for a moment with the launch of this collection. Please join us in Las Vegas September 15th, from 6-9pm to see more. 

Not only will we be debuting the Fall collection, but Flor de Liz Guior will be opening her studio for the first time, and we will be hosting a silent auction to raise money for Safe Nest Charity here in town.

7336 W. Post Road
Suite 103
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Above photos provided by Taylormade Photo

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Above images provided by Studio DCF
Hair and Makeup by Makeup in the 702
Model Amanda Kraft

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