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Red Carpet Collection from Desert Daisy Jewelry

Red Carpet

In the calm before the storm, those minutes before you step out for your big day, you lay out your dress, your shoes and finally… your jewelry. Perfect down to the last detail, you need to look like the best version of you, and stand out from all the others. Fashion is a way for us to make a statement without saying a word, and this new collection has you covered. From the Red Carpet to your wedding day, graduation, first dates, important meetings, or even a random Tuesday, this is your statement.

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Model eating a strawberry wearing a smokey quartz ring from the Desert Daisy Jewelry from the Marie Collection

Treat Yourself

A collection of statement jewels fit for a modern queen. Inspired by the luxury and opulence of 18th century Versailles, this collection pays homage to Marie Antoinette. Vintage French pottery, silks, and pearls all get a modern reimagining in one of a kind statement jewelry meant to get you noticed.

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Taylor Made Photography Desert Daisy Jewelry Fall 2018 8301


Complicated, smart, seasoned… Irene compels your attention. Her smile is haunting, you want to know what she is thinking, but she is always just out of reach. One step ahead, she leads a life of mystery and beauty. She invites us into her world for a moment with the launch of this collection.

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Lotus in Hawaii

Lush landscapes, tropical flowers and sunsets beyond belief; the perfect playground for the lotus flower collection. The lotus flower rises every morning from the murky waters below and opens it’s perfect petals to the sun, untouched by the mud and muck below. For many, the lotus is a symbol of peace and purity.

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Mystic Hot Springs 1807

Mystic Hot Springs

The lotus flower rises every morning from the murky waters below and opens it’s perfect petals to the sun, untouched by the mud and muck below, what better place to debut the Lotus collection than a hot spring tucked into the side of the Utah Mountains.

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DSC 2771


Hot hazy nights, lightweight lace dresses, loose flowing hair. This is summer. We go back to the simple things, BBQs with friends, beach hangs and fire pits. Our fashion should follow. Throw on your prettiest dress and layer on the gems. Desert Daisy Summer 2018 is all about the statement crystal, simply set on macrame cord. Pair with the pyrite cocktail ring, layered coppered bangles, and lotus hoops earrings. So go ahead, enjoy your summer. Slow down, sip the iced tea, and dance like no one is watching.

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Wedding Photography

The One You Feed

The One You Feed Collection is all about exploring duality, balance, and struggle. Visually inspired by the movie Black Swan, morally inspired by the Cherokee legend of two wolves, and artistically inspired by the crystals themselves, this collection examines the constant battle between good and evil that exists within us all. Each darker design has a lighter counterpart, and the necklaces are named for the vices and virtues named in the Cherokee tale. All one of a kind, all meant to stand out, and all available now in the shop. So tell me, which wolf will you feed?

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