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The above graphic contains advice sent to me from a wise-beyond-their-years 5th-grade class. I was recently lucky enough to connect with them through my sister and heard they were studying the topic of Beauty. When I was in 5th grade, it was the age of the supermodel (yes, I am that old, lol). Not having a chance of looking like Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer in my lifetime, I really didn’t understand that I still could be beautiful. In my 20s, I struggled to look and dress a certain way. I worried about my wonky nose and my off-center teeth. I didn’t listen to those close to me who told me I was pretty. It took me a long time to come into a sense of self, so the idea that these 5th graders might be able to take a shortcut to the self-love that took me 35+ years is amazing.

When their teacher asked for a video and skype session, of course, I was excited to get a chance to put something together for them. As many of you know, the topic of how we as individuals can shift the cultural norm to add diversity to the standard definition of beauty is a big one for me. My goal in life is to show the uniqueness of beauty, to celebrate the things that make us different. I get to work with models and photographers who also share that goal, so I pulled two of my favorite partners together and we created a little video about how beauty is involved in what we do. If you want to see the video we sent the class, it is down at the bottom of the blog. But here are just a few shots from photoshoots I have done in the past to give you an idea (or feel free to check out my lookbooks section for full sessions).

After my skype session, I was completely inspired by these kids. Their intelligent questions, their open mindedness. But, a few weeks later when I got their thank you letter, I was blown away once again. They made me cry with their recap of our chat. The things that stuck with them are everything I want my brand to be about. Seeing these things written out in such careful 5th grade penmanship (better than mine, I have to say) gave me all the feels. I am honored to have gotten to talk with them, I am grateful that what I had to offer them made a difference, and I am full of hope for the future, knowing these kids are getting a head start. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Lizon’s 5th grade class at Charter Oak International Academy.

“Dear Ms. Kelly,
Thank you so much for sending us the video and Skyping with us! we learned so much! We loved that each piece of your jewelry was unique and beautiful in its own way – like people! When you said, “No one is perfect, but everyone is beautiful,” we thought it meant everyone has flaws that make them beautiful. We will always remember that powerful message. We were fascinated to learn that when Christian Siriano dressed models and stars of different shapes and sizes, his business went “viral” We think that by choosing different types of models, you could make a big change in the beauty industry. It was also interesting to hear your definition of what beauty is: confidence. That is very powerful and inspiring. Now we know that even if you don’t think you look beautiful, if you feel beautiful, your self-confidence will make you more attractive to others (as long as you don’t brag). We believe your work does make a difference, and that you are changing people’s lives – one crystal at a time! P.S. We’re sorry about your eye. Feel better soon.

Be you
Enjoy Life
Always believe you are beautiful
Understand others with their differences
Take time to love yourself
You are beautiful.

Thanks again,
Angie, Rose, Maisie, Azul, Khalil, Stephanie.”

Thank you to Heather Taylor of TaylorMade Photography and Makenna Gott for making the above video happen. For More information on the pageant I was talking about in the video, please check out the United States of America Miss Nevada pageant here.

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