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How to style with Hair Sticks…


I love hairsticks. I spent my teen years styling my hair up with pencils and pens, and so a crystal hairstick is just my grown up version. But for those of you who aren’t used to styling your hair up with these magical wands, this post is for you. I recently partnered with some of my very talented hair stylist friends to bring you some ideas for how to make your locks look lovely with Desert Daisy crystal hairsticks. Enjoy… 


Stylist Kate Eissinger worked this magical style on model Jehnna Tambe. A variation on a half up style, the hair sticks here are more for ornamentation than hold, as the style is held up with a few bobbie pins. To get the look, use a large barrel curling iron for some pretty volume and curl, then separate two sections in front above ears. Create a twist on each side, holding the bottoms and loosening hair from each twist creating volume. Pin the twists across the back of the head with a few strategically placed bobbies and arrange hair sticks in for just the right amount of crystal accent.

See photo below (model Janelle Johngrass) for a gorgeous festival variation using a Desert Daisy citrine and leather lariat necklace woven into the twists.


I am loving the way Kate pulled together the edgy bun looks below. So simple to style, but really shows off hairstick in a different way. The first look is a half up, high bun. After adding some large curls to Jehnna’s hair, kate sectioned off the top and twisted it tightly into a mini bun. She held this bun in place with a peacock ore hairstick. The second look continues on from the first. After completing the first bun, section the remaining hair into two pieces. Create another bun with each of the sections, alternating the direction of the hairstick with each bun to create interest. I think the final style looks like a mohawk made of roses.  The last option can be styled by sectioning the top off and creating a loose braid. Twist the braid into a bun, and secure with a hairstick. Repeat this with the bottom section and there you have it. I love how two contrasting hairsticks (citrine and green calcite) were used in this style to really pop against the purple of my hair.

Below is another braided option. After adding some curls for texture, create two loose braids on either side of the head, just behind the ears. Twist them into a pretzel shape and secure loosely with a few bobbie pins. Add the hairstick in off to one side for just the right accent. Pictured here is a Fuchsite hairstick (with a few Desert Daisy Jewelry electrofomed copper and quartz rings as well).


Some other variations for inspiration. By the way, can I just take a moment to thank Amanda Urbanski for her gorgeous photography in all these images.  Not only does this girl do hair, she takes a mean picture! 

Ok… I had to start with the pretty, intricate styled updos, but what if you just want to throw your hair up in an easy to do, no styling tools needed look? I personally keep a hairstick or two near my studio work bench so I can pull my hair up and out of my way without an elastic (ugh, I hate those horrible pony tail crimps at the end of the day). 

The four below images are all styled with nothing more than a pair of hands and a hairstick. The top two are my favorite, the messy bun and the classic chignon. The bottom two are simple half up styles, a loose twist on the left, and a braided bun on the right. The key I have found to making these styles hold, wiggle your hairstick a bit as you slide it through the style, it will grab more hair and hold securely. 

So I hope the above images gave you some inspiration for how to create the perfect style with your hairsticks. And if any of you are wondering where to get gorgeous, sophisticated color in your hair, look no further than Suite One Salon in Vegas. Kate is responsible for both the intense red and vibrant purple you see here, although Janelle’s stunning red is the color she was born with. 

Thanks to Kate, Amanda, Jehnna and Janelle for their hard work and beautiful creations. We had so much fun putting this together for you, keep an eye out for more fun collaborations with these talented ladies.

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