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Behind the Scenes of the Holiday 2016 Photoshoot

November 2, 2016 | 

Ice Princess Photoshoot

I wanted to share a little of the magic behind the amazing photos from Kate Alison Photography that are now up on my website. What started out as a fun collaboration idea I couldn’t get out of my head, turned into such beautiful photos! If you haven’t checked out Kate’s work, you should do so! Her instagram is full of gorgeous NYC images and genuine couples in love.  Kate and I met through a Facebook group called The Rising Tide Society, a group of professional creatives who believe in community over competition. She had been planning a galaxy inspired wedding shoot, and I was lucky enough to create a mini collection of jewelry for her bride to wear in those pics. As luck would have it, Kate was coming through Vegas shortly after her shoot, and we decided to meet in person. It didn’t take long to realize that she was the perfect person to shoot my Holiday Ice Princess collection. We pulled together some of my favorite Las Vegas creatives, and I love how it all turned out. 

The dynamic duo of Kate Eissinger and Tanya Evans are seen here working on the hair and makeup of our model Jenni Anderson. These girls are the dream team and work together at Atelier by Salon Salon. (Kate is also the hair wizard responsible for my vivid colors). I love seeing how she will bring new ideas to life. One of the things about Kate is that she is always learning new techniques and so every project with her is exciting. Tanya is a bundle of creative energy and never backs away from a challenge. Armed with her blue mascara, she transformed Jenni into an icy dream, complete with sparkly face jewels and blue fingertips too.

Kate Alison Photography Desert Daisy Jewelry Oct 2016 21 Orig.jpg

The finishing touches came from the LED crown Kate wove through her hair. A simple strand of blue lights added that extra element of ethereal mystery to the look. As much as I would love to rock this look in real life, the challenge of hiding a 10-foot string of lights and a battery pack in the back of the dress makes it almost impossible to pull off. Even with our best efforts, photographer Kate had to do some creative positioning for the shots. Overall, this shoot would not have been possible without the amazing talent of the team. I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have people like this in my life.

We shot at a beautiful boutique, Gypsy05, located at Tivoli Village. Thank you to General Manager Tracee, who was so kind as to lend us her space for a few hours. The gorgeous hand-dyed maxi dress Jenni is wearing is also from the store.

And because I can’t get enough of these gorgeous photos, here are just a few of my favorites from the day. Head over to the Holiday 2016 lookbook to see the full collection. Kate really captured the mood of the collection in both her photography and her editing. 

Behind the scenes shot of the artist sneaking her camera phone picture.

And because I can’t believe just how much magic she created, I have to share this behind the scenes look at photographer and model. 

Kate Allison Photo Behind the scenes

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