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Macrame Necklace Display

This picture makes me happy. Why? Because it exemplifies so much of what goes into my business, but its not about my jewelry. At first glance it may seem to be that way, but if you look closer you will see. 80% of the jewelry on the table is my summer collection, statement necklaces and bangles galore. But it is the other 20% I want you to pay attention to. These larger, macrame necklaces are a product of a collaboration I did with another Las Vegas artist, Veronica. And the beautiful photo, well, that was taken by my dear friend and frequent collaborator, Heather of Taylor Made Photo.

Veronica of Nostalgia Resources

Let’s start at the beginning. Meet Veronica, the mastermind behind Nostalgia Resources. Veronica is one of the coolest women I know, like effortlessly cool. You know that girl; she can make anything she wears look sophisticated and unique, breezes into the room and has just the right amount of turquoise and silver jewelry layered on every finger. Veronica is a textile artist, and with her wall hangings, macrame necklaces, and sewing, she allows us all to recreate that effortless cool she exudes naturally.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with her, and I am thrilled we were able to create this collection for you.

I could easily go on about the sales-y stuff, like that this is a limited collection and we only have 4 of the original 10 designs left. But that isn’t what this post is about. If you are interested in one of the remaining pieces, reach out to me on my instagram here.

Instead, what I want to talk about in this post is about how collaboration can help your business. In so many cases, I hear people talk about their fellow makers as competition. Really, I believe there is enough room for all of us at the top. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the success of a friend or acquaintance. It is inspiring and motivating, and honestly, the more successful friends I have, the more opportunities that can come up.

The number one reason I love to work with other artists is that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from the idea that we all move forward together. But there is more to it than that. The cross-promotion and opening doors that comes from sharing our customer base will benefit both of us, and in a day and age when getting your products seen in this endless sea of social media content that is priceless.

There is also a creative reason to collaborate. While many artists get their inspiration from the world around them, working hand in hand with another artist is like a direct injection of creativity. In the case of my work with Veronica, I was immediately challenged by how she designs using simple palettes and strong textures. For a girl who likes to go big or go home, it was a lesson in restraint to honor her designs and still add my personal touch to them. While the over the top style you are used to with Desert Daisy will never go away, I know this element of simplicity will affect me in my process going forward.

Finally, in addition to helping a fellow maker, sharing our social media platforms, and added creativity, collaborating with another maker can help make this journey a little less lonely. Anyone who is a solo entrepreneur knows the pain of feeling like you are out there alone. It is nice to have someone along for a bit of the ride.

Sister House Collective Original Artists

I really connected with Veronica through a different type of collaboration just over a year ago. The above image is of the original artists in the Sister House Collective collab. Ashley (middle left) had the idea of creating a space dedicated to local makers, sustainable goods, and creative gatherings. When Abbie (middle right) and Veronica (far right) joined in, there was instant magic. While each of us have moved on our respective businesses, the amount of learning and growing that happened in our year together was immeasurable.

So the moral of the story for me, never turn down an opportunity to collaborate with another maker/business owner you respect and admire. You will laugh, learn, and grow in so many ways.

Girl in cafe wearing Desert Daisy Macrame Necklace

I leave you here with another photo that makes my heart sing. This is Shayanne, of Bleu Moon Bakery. She has been a newly found soul sister and support system in the last year. I love seeing her wearing one of the collaboration pieces, a macrame collar adorned with a blue chalcedony moon. It looks like it was made for her, and who knows, maybe it was ;).If you are in Vegas, check out her plant-based baked goods and you won’t be sad. I love being a part of a community filled with people like Shayanne, Ashley, Abbie and Veronica, as well as so many more!

A big thank you to everyone who supports their local small businesses, goodness knows we could not do it without you.

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