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The Story Behind the Dark and Smokey Collection


Every collection I design is an extension of what thoughts are swirling through my head at the moment. Sometimes I am conscious of what is driving the design process at the moment, and sometimes it is the process of design that helps me work through what is in my subconscious trying to get out. The Dark and Smokey collection is a perfect example of the latter.

Kelso Sand Dunes Michaela La Love Photography 39 Orig.jpg

Back in January, during the gem show trips I took, I was buying smokey quartz everywhere I went. I didn’t really have a plan for what it would be, I just knew I wanted it in my collection. Afterward, I realized that there was something comforting about smokey quartz, and how much I needed it at the time.

Smokey Quartz elevates moods, relieves depression and overcomes negative emotions. It is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Not knowing it, I was selecting crystals that spoke to what I personally needed to survive the political and emotional climate I was struggling with in the beginning of the year. Regardless of who you voted for, or what political party you belong to, this has been a divisive and emotional year. I truly believe in the power of the individual, and having strength of convictions has been even more important to me in the last few months. When I was younger, my mom once told me that when you are feeling sick, dress up. Fool yourself into feeling better because everyone will tell you how great you look. I have taken this to heart and regularly apply it to my day to day. So now, I applied it to my work. With a simple adjustment, this becomes: When you are feeling helpless, dress powerful. Fool yourself into taking charge because others around you will treat you that way.


I wanted each and every piece in this collection to feel powerful, feminine and fierce. I designed to capture something of the amazing strength in women, that is not hampered by their natural womanly aspects, but instead elevated by it. I have been wanting to work with the model, Michaela, for some time, but was waiting for the right shoot. Knowing her balance of grace and strength, she was the perfect pick for this shoot. Working with Martina, a boudoir photographer, allowed me to explore the more sensual side of this collection. Her expertise with posing and capturing light perfectly made the final images more than I was hoping for. I also got to work with photographer Lisa Ann, and she was just the right balance of energy and ideas for the shoot. I had the pleasure of meeting Tirza, of Tirza Grant Makeup, who captured the strong and sultry eye that pulled her look together. Lastly, I was super excited to pull Valmir into this project, and he created amazing hair art as always (out in the desert, with no heat tools and minimal time I may add). We borrowed a feather headdress from Ariana of the Odd Portrait for that final touch. Working with such talented and magical artists really made this shoot something special.

I recently uploaded the full photos under the lookbooks tab, and I hope you enjoy the final results. I am so excited by the response to the collection, many of these gems have found homes even before I could add them to the shop. I am working on new pieces to add to the collection, something I don’t normally do. But I am happy that there is resonance with the designs. To all the strong women I know, this is your collection.

Staring off into the vast landscape ahead of her, she wondered “what is out there for me?” When there was no answer, she decided to go out and create her own destiny.

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