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Irene: Fall 2018

Photo by Casey Jade Photo

For Sherlock fans, Irene Adler is no stranger. But for those of you who may not have come across this literary muse of mine, let me introduce you to her.

“At a time when ladies were supposed to be ladies, Adler had the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Appearing in just a single Sherlock book,

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Holiday 2017

We’ve all had it, that moment of fear walking into a place we feel we don’t fit in. That moment of doubt, of worry that you aren’t fashionable enough, witty enough, smart enough… or just plain enough, enough. Holiday 2017 is all about being confident in your skin, knowing that you are enough. Please check out my last blog post detailing the inspiration behind the collection, I won’t repeat all the details here. To summarize,

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The Story Behind the Dark and Smokey Collection

Every collection I design is an extension of what thoughts are swirling through my head at the moment. Sometimes I am conscious of what is driving the design process at the moment, and sometimes it is the process of design that helps me work through what is in my subconscious trying to get out. The Dark and Smokey collection is a perfect example of the latter.

Back in January, during the gem show trips I took,

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Holiday 2016 Launch Party

Image by Payton Altman

How many fun stories start out “this one night in a bar…”? Probably too many to count, but this one ends differently than you may imagine. One night, while out for a friend’s birthday, a local jeweler friend and I started chatting about how we wanted this holiday to be a celebration. How we were both planning collections that we were so proud of, and how we wanted to plan an event to share them with our friends and family.

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BTS Fall 2016 Photoshoot…

When it is 109 degrees in Vegas and you are ready to shoot your fall collection, it helps to have some amazing friends to call on to make magic happen despite the heat. This past week, we shot early pieces from my Fall 2016 collection and I wanted to share a bit of the behind the scenes with you. Keep an eye out for the finished shots to be hitting the website soon, but for now,

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Holiday Season Is Here

This will be my first Holiday season not working in retail for as long as I can remember (at least 15 years). The other day when I realized it was already November, I was shocked that I didn’t have that growing sense of dread. Those of you who have worked in stores know it… Long hours, heavy shipment, waking up in a cold sweat at night thinking of how you can possibly hire 47 people in the next three weeks before Black Friday.

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Out Of My Comfort Zone

By now, I have launched my new Fall collection which focuses heavily on copper and leather. I love the juxtaposition of the delicate crystals with the tough leather. At first, I was nervous about creating a cohesive set of jewels, so far I have been making when inspiration hits and not thinking about full lines. But this design just flowed from me, I felt I could see the end result and was so thrilled with being able to put it together.

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