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Holiday Season Is Here


This will be my first Holiday season not working in retail for as long as I can remember (at least 15 years). The other day when I realized it was already November, I was shocked that I didn’t have that growing sense of dread. Those of you who have worked in stores know it… Long hours, heavy shipment, waking up in a cold sweat at night thinking of how you can possibly hire 47 people in the next three weeks before Black Friday. Oh, and the uncertainty of all personal plans until the last possible minute because you are the one to cover when 2/3 of those 47 new hires decide to call out on peak shifts. The stress of retail is real, and I am thrilled to be having a chance to experience enjoying this season a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am working hard and balancing so many different plates at one time I could set a full Thanksgiving table for 12 on any given day. But, it is different. This is my business and its creative and hands on in a way I’ve never thought possible for a means of income. Somehow, finishing wholesale orders, meeting with buyers, scheduling and planning photoshoots and prepping for local pop up shops and shows doesn’t feel stressful in the same way. 

Speaking of photo shoots, I am so excited to share a sneak peak into my Holiday shoot that we completed yesterday. I was lucky enough to work with photographer Meg Meyer (, and the first image is just the first of some brilliant photographs from the day. Las Vegas weather finally decided to catch up to November and produce (overnight I may add) record lows, rain and lightening on the morning of our shoot. Somehow, Meg still made magical Holiday images that highlight my newer pieces. The rest of the photos here are some of the behind the scenes pics that show just how hard makeup artist Amy worked at making a shivering model look stunning, despite some frozen fingers. And kudos to our model Jenni, who braved the cold and wind and managed to look like her extremeties were not about to fall off in this weather. Special thanks to Gypsy05 for providing the clothing (I know Jenni appreciated that poncho during breaks in shooting).


Well, at least one of them was able to warm up for a bit! 


The storm rolling in on our location


We all did what we could to keep our model warm between shots.


A few of my newest designs on the lovely Jenni. Stay tuned for the final product pictures in the coming weeks from Meg, they look amazing compared to these behind the scenes ones!

Lastly, as I mentioned prepping for some Holiday gift giving popup shops in the next month, I’ll list them here. If you will be around for any of these shows, I look forward to seeing you there!
  • Nov 7th- West Elm at the District Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NY 11am-4pm
  • Nov14th- Art2 Downtown art show, Arts District, Las Vegas 11am-9pm (with Jehnna from Rabbits Foot Creations)
  • Nov 15-18- 3 evenings of pop up shopping events in Whitefish, MT (contact me for times and locations)
  • Dec 5th- West Elm at the District Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NY 11am-4pm

**As more shows and info come up, I’ll update this listing.

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